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    The photochromic effect is achieved by the addition of silver ions infused into the glass during the melting process. These ions react to intense UV rays by becoming excited and causing the lens to darken. Without the presence of UV light, the lens color lightens to its original state.

    Polarized lenses are assembled in an automated system that laminates a layer of polarizing film between two ultra-thin glass wafers. The film is composed of molecules that naturally align in parallel relation to one another. When applied uniformly to the lens, it creates a microscopic filter that absorbs any light matching their alignment. Because it is laminated to the interior of the lens, the polarized film is not subject to scratch or wear.

    VFX technology exclusive to Oliver Peoples includes a number of coatings that eliminate glare, reduce bright light, and offer superior eye protection against UV radiation.

    The process begins by fusing seventeen different rare earth elements with sand to create the actual glass. These elements have unique magnetic, phosphorescent, and catalytic properties that selectively filter sunlight, resulting in sharper eyesight, improved color definition and contrast, and enhanced long distance vision.

    During the fusing process, temperatures reach up to 2192˚F (1200˚C), liquefying the rare earth elements and sand to form glass.

    Once cooled, the glass wafers are dipped in a chemical bath of hardening salt to ensure the shape remains unaltered.

    Diamond tools are used to obtain the requisite curvature of the lens, followed by the application of multiple coatings for the ultimate performance and protection of the eyes.

    Using a steel ball released from a height of four feet, a ‘Drop Ball Test’ is verifies that they are impact resistant and adhere to required international safety standards.

    A digital camera is used during the automated quality control process, after which a manual inspection is overseen by expert personnel.

    Each Oliver Peoples frame is handcrafted of the highest quality materials available. Lenses are one of the most important materials of the frame, and the design team works closely with manufacturers to not only create custom and exclusive colors, but also to use the most innovative and technologically advanced techniques in the industry. All Oliver Peoples lenses offer superior protection against UVA and UVB rays in order to protect the eyes. Leveraging the expertise of our opticians, another important aspect is the optical quality and optimum clarity of the lens material. Oliver Peoples takes great pride in only offering the highest quality lenses which are carefully chosen to complement the fit and balance of the design. Oliver Peoples continues to be a leader in the eyewear industry, always evolving and expanding our product offer. Remaining faithful to our foundation of refined, vintage-inspired styles, the brand unites the original aesthetic with advanced technology and creative design.